Frequently Asked Questions

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 Q: How do I book an appointment?  ​​ 

A: Please use the booking form provided on selected pages, as it provides you with questions to be answered to make your booking quick and easy. 

Q: Are Nantah's readings accurate? 

A: Nantah is renowned for accuracy in her readings. Her clients often feel like she has stepped into their lives or their homes. You can read the testimonials from clients in regard to accuracy.  

Q: Can you tell me my future?

A: Nantah is not a fortune teller. Spirit is concerned about the present moment because that is how we all create our futures. In a Life Path reading you are provided with a way forward in life and resolutions for obstacles that you are facing, along with reassurance you are on the right path. If you are not onthe right track then the right way will be given. All information is subject to change because every decision in your life has the ability to change your direction, therefore your future is always changing. 

However, there are some things that will happen in your future because they are destined by your soul which can be revealed in a reading but not always. Remember that we all have Free Will, so whatever you hear in a reading remains your choice to listen to and follow the guidance or not. Use your own intuition to discern what is right for you. 

A little understanding about Soul Readings:  If you are coming to a session to be connected to your loved one/s in spirit, then you are required to come with an open mind and heart to ensure that you are  really open to the connection. I also advise that once you make the booking you invite the loved one you want to connect with to come along to meet with you at the session. 

Which ever loved one arrives for you on the day is the one who is most appropriate at the time. I do not have any control over who comes through from the spirit world and neither does any other medium. I ususally find that the messages that come through are always exactly what is required for your best interests and you will be happy with the outcome. 

Q: Does a skype session work as well as an in person session?

A:   Yes the sessions are the same as in person. Nantah's connection with you comes via your energy, your voice  and who is around you in spirit as you connect on skype.   You can be anywhere in the world, it does not matter, as energy crosses time and space.

Q: Does Nantah use tarot cards? 

A: Nantah does not use tarot cards and does not need to use any cards. Her direct link to Spirit is all that is required. However, she likes to incorporate the Angel Feather Oracle  cards & Life Purpose Oracle cards which always confirm what Nantah has given you clairvoyantly in your reading is correct. 

Q: Does Nantah read your mind?

A: It is important to understand that Nantah does not read minds. Her undeniable ability to connect with spirit, her guides and angels and yours is apparent in all her work. 

Q:  Is Nantah genuine?

A: Nantah is a natural born clairvoyant medium and has been giving readings for over 25 years. Nantah Is a geniune, authentic person and a highly  skilled practitioner in her field of arts.  She conducts all her work with integrity, compassion, understanding, empathy and supports you during your session. Nantah is a registered and approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. 

Nantah works by a strict Code of Ethics and has established a professional reputation for doing so. ​Nantah takes her work seriously because this is a serious subject. She has dedicated her life to her work and assisting humanity.