About Nantah 

Motivated life changer

I come from a corporate background where I experienced many positions climbing the ladder of success. I became a branch manager after tutoring a New Zealand government pilot course, training people and securing them into new careers and work placement. 

Over the period of eighteen years, my career in the corporate world expanded from New Zealand to Queensland and finally NSW. My achievements were many, which included owning business's and managing bussiness's, including training staff.  During this time I worked on cultivating a spiritual aspect into the work place, and encouraged staff to embrace their own personal intuition to make confident decisions for themselves and therefore enabling them to greater success.

I also realised that this was not to be my life purpose or what I longed to do. Therefore I moonlighted as a natural health practitioner, studying and qualifiying in many healing modalities.  I developed my spiritual gifts and became a professional Light Worker, created a new business venture of my own which became full time, successful and rewarding. I am an entreprenuer at heart with a vast knowledge and an incredible amount of experience to share and teach others. 

There are always new opportunities on everyone's horizons of life and I am passionate about guiding and mentoring people to embrace their intuition to recognise the opportunities presented and to make a confident decision to help them move forward in life.

When you follow your heart you are on your true path

Over the Rainbow

My joy has always been to help people in whatever way my talents, gifts and abilities are able to serve.  My natural gift of mediumship opened at the age of 2 yrs.  My first book When Spirit Stepped In tells the story of my spiritual awakenings.  For the past 25 years I have been assisting people through many difficult periods in their lives and providing proof that the soul and consciouness transcends death by connecting clients to their loved ones in the spirit world. 

I am gifted with Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaliance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Telepathy and I am an Empath, Medium, Healer and a direct channel of my Higher Self and The divine. 

I offer Life Path and Mediumship readings, where I am able to connect to your angels, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. Their love for you is always paramount in any message they give and they have your very best interests at heart. 

Spiritual guidance, advise and direction is a non-invasive way of receiving inspiration, support and understanding at those important times in life when emotions cloud and confuse your mind. A way forward is offered by spirit and it is then up to you, to decide to follow or not.  

Through my readings, spirit gives you exactly what you need on the day. You receive what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Their motivation, as is mine, is to provide healing for the heart and peace of mind by calming and soothing your worries and often bringing closure to unanswered questions. Clarity of mind provides you with more confidence to make the right decision that will benefit you and your life the most. 

I have a vast knowledge plus personal and professional experience within the realm of spirituality, the spirit world and the paranormal. I have written quite a lot about these times on my journey through my four books, which you will find availaable for purchase at Dymocks Rouse Hill or on my Shop page. 

Look beyond what you think you see to find your truth

Nantah has been a professional practitioner and Light Worker for 25 years. 

Nantah's Qualifications;​​​​
Advanced DNA Theta Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher,  Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Thought Field Therapist, Homeobotanical Pracitioner,

Herbal Essence Practitioner, Holistic Pulsing Practitioner,  Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator for Health & Peak Performance

Pioneer & Trainer of three unique certified courses
  Essential Practises for Light Workers Course
Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing, 
Body Mind Resolution Healing 

As a Member and an Approved Training Provider certified by The International Institute for Complimentary Therapist 

you are guaranteed quality service and ethical practises. www.iict.com.au