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Nantah writes nonfiction spiritual books, channelled by spirit,
to enlighten, inspire and support your journey through life!
When Spirit Stepped In 

This is the spellbinding true story of Nantah’s spiritual awakening that led her to become a healer. It is courageous, inspiring and amazing, while reassuring to the seeker of spiritual truth. Spirit wishes everyone to know them, so all may benefit from their wisdom and guidance. How Spirit achieves this is phenomenal and at times unbelievable. Are you ready for the truth?

A young girl playing innocently in an orchard, making daisy chains, begins her connection and ability to communicate with the Fairies. As she grew older and experienced a sense of not belonging, she discovered she was never alone. When Spirit stepped in to her life they became her closest companions, guiding, protecting, loving, supporting and never failing her.

As an adult she encountered challenging times both materially and spiritually living in Brisbane Australia, that forced her return to New Zealand. Nantah was then thrown head long onto her spiritual path where the many aspects and facets taught to her by Spirit were astonishing. From miraculous healings, to assisting lost souls, haunted houses, visits to heaven, and tough spiritual lessons, Nantah learnt and experienced so much that the pace of this path, at times, left her breathless and overwhelmed.
  Published in 2011

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  On wings of love the King returns! 

Who is the King, how is he returning and what is his purpose for doing so?
 Never in my wildest dreams could I have prepared for the arrival of this new angel into my life. Angels are not always what you imagine them to be and this one was certainly way outside the square. He arrived by my side with such intensity, commanding my attention as he introduced himself ‘I am the Angel of the Lord.’ From that moment our relationship took many twists and turns, at times being quite fiery, especially after he revealed to me who he really is.

Once I accepted him, he has been steadily and very strongly mentoring, guiding and teaching me very tough lessons about the negative aspects of both sides of life. He has assisted me through intense tests of unconditional love and huge energetic transitions to higher vibratory levels so that I am able to carry out my destiny and my next ‘big job’ with the soul strength I will need to succeed.

The Angel of The Lord is a force to be reckoned with but, he protects me so strongly that nothing can penetrate his energy that surrounds me unless it is of unconditional love. I did not know that I would be dealing with the extent and intensity of evil that lay in wait as we moved into a temporary rental house. My constant prayer was Psalm 23, because I was living in the valley of death. He has proven to me that even the most negative and destructive forces of those on both sides of life can heal and choose to come home to the Light of Divine Oneness and unconditional love.
Published in 2018

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The following two books are about Body Mind Resolution Healing.
Pioneered by Nantah in 2011 this healing is sacred and the first of it's kind in the world. 

  Body Mind Resolution Healing 

In the medical world BMR means Body Mass Reduction, but in my field of healing I have come to realise that BMR has an even greater meaning of Body Mind Resolution.

 Medical science has made the connection of how our thoughts can affect the body in many ways but of course they are unaware to what extent the power of our thoughts can destroy us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Naturally they are also unaware of a healing team not of this world aiding ‘gifted healers’ who are of this world with their powerful energy force to heal these damaging effects.

In June 2011 Nantah Ensom pioneered a new energy healing technique that is the first of its kind in the world. This powerful energy force that she channels is from the highest spiritual source in the universe and comes to heal the energetic effects of negative thoughts that cause self-sabotage.

This energy force is transforming people’s inner lives so their outer lives reflect the deep healing that has taken place. A truly amazing journey of transformation awaits you!
Published in 2013

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Infinite Soul Healing
Body Mind Resolution (BMR) Healing® now offers a further advanced level of healing, bringing greater peace and love within plus soul evolution to the Fifth Dimension. This book is for the seeker of deeper spiritual truths, answers and philosophies about the importance of healing the soul.

This sacred healing takes you gently and supportively to a deeper understanding of your soul self and why you continue the pattern of self-sabotage. There are many hidden factors that you may not be aware of and are about to discover. These underlying factors can have a substantial negative impact on your soul, life, health and well-being.
Infinite soul healing is a gift from the Divine Creator to assist those on earth, who are ready to heal from all their past traumas, hurts and pain experienced in every past life lived and their present life. Are you ready to step off the wheel of reincarnation?

This is only made possible by the highly evolved sacred energy healing, which is an integral part of BMR Healing. This level of healing assists you to full enlightenment and provides you with an amazing opportunity to resolve all unfinished business, therefore gaining  freedom, love and peace within!
  Published in 2015

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Cards for Spiritual Advancement
​Created by Nantah & Channelled by Spirit

Body Mind Resolution Card Set of 40

Every thought creates and emotional response that impacts on our entire being, creating our health and ultimatley our lives. There are no idle thoughts or exceptions!

Stressful living prevents us from fulfilling our inner most needs. We dismiss vital mastering of self-respect and self-love for negative self-sabotaging habits. The BMR cards guide you swiftly to the causes and provide you with guidance to begin your healing. 

A video showing how to use the cards will be posted very soon! 

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Soul Lesson Wisdom Card Set of 44

Your soul lessons revealed!
Channelled by King Solomon, these cards will guide you to higher levels of consciouness, soul evolution, love and peace.  
Receive the knowledge you need to understand the true meanings of the challenges in your life using these cards based on the twelve main laws and thirty two sub-laws of the Universe. 

A video showing how to use the cards will be posted very soon!

Ascended Master Serapis Bey is on the back of this card set.  He is the motivator to higher learning and will assist you as you use these cards and help you learn for as long as you request his assistance. 

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