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Online International Courses

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Online international courses

I invite you to join me on an exciting journey of discovering the amazing gifts of Spirit !
All three courses are pioneered by Nantah Ensom 

All courses are approved by the
International Institute for Complementary Therapists Australia
Providing you with guaranteed quality and ethical practises. 

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Full Member since 2008

Essential Practises for Light Workers

This course is suitable for anyone from beginners to onwards, nationally and internationally who want to develop spiritually for personal or professional development and advancement as a Psychic, Medium and/or Healer. If you are currently working as a Psychic, Medium and/or Healer and would like to enhance and expand your abilities with approved training for reassurance and to gain an international certification that the procedures you have in place are serving your clients proficiently. This is a self guided course with support and training included. 
You will learn all the essential practises required to be an effective, authentic
Light Worker and begin helping others:

Who we are & how we are connected to and interact with the universe and the spirit world?

  • The Seven Planes of Existence & how they relate to you
  • Our Energy Systems - Aura & Subtle Bodies
  • What is Enlightenment
  • Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters
  • Your spirit support team
  • Meeting your spirit guide
  • The Spiritual Arts
  • The Spiritual Instruments
  • Energy Clearing
  • Soul Rescue
  • Totem Animals

You will also receive:
* 9 Guided meditations for development   * 10 instruction videos  *  9 Skype Personal Training sessions  
* Course begins once you enrol      * Study at your own pace    
* IICT Approved Certificate on completion 
* Course Fee $1,000.00    * Easy option payment plans available 

         If you are ready to enrol, download the full form including terms and conditions here.
                                   Must be over 18 years of age.  Thank you !​

Nantah is a multi-gifted teacher of the body mind and soul.  Learning with Nantah you discover the doorway to your innermost realms, your true self and your purpose within the Universe.  Get ready for an Adventure of Lifetimes.

Marie,  Sydney  2016  
  • The Code of Ethics
  • The language of Spirit
  • The Three Essential Foundations for Light Workers
  • The Principals of working with spirit
  • Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizant
  • Aura Readings
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Mediumship
  • Preparing for a client
Nantah has reawakened me  to the Angels. She has helped me remember my own abilities that a busy life had forced me to forget.
Her undeniable talent of mediumship and the direct and honest instruction she receives, for her Client, is an amazing, compassionate and loving gift to share.
Nantah's knowledge of angels and the Universal energies has changed my life positively and profoundly.

Susan,    Sydney 2016

Client  Testimonial
After having what was supposed to be a simple surgery recently, I developed an infection. My health and emotions went down. I became negative and was not improving quickly.

My daughter suggested a 'distant' healing with Nantah. I asked her to arrange it as I had nothing to lose. Nantah's Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing is truly amazing. Half way through the healing my physical responses began to change. My Blood Pressure began to return to normal and my tummy started to feel better.

Within 24 hours I had a big positive change and within 2 days I was discharged from hospital.  Absolutely incredible!   Much Gratitude Nantah 
  Marcia,  Sydney  2016

Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing

This course is suitable for those who are currently in the energy healing practises of Reiki, other certified energy healing modalities and/or Angelic Healing, with a basic to advanced understanding of the human physical and energy systems of the body.

Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing supports and assists healing the physical systems of the body at cellular level including the corresponding energetic systems  simultaneously. It purifies the physical systems which frees the pathways of each individual system. The results are the free flow of oxygen, blood, nutrition and energy through all systems which assists general health and wellbeing.

​This healing is safe for every one of all ages including those who have heart conditions and pregnant mums and can be used as a regular form of healing for clients
The course includes:
  • Three personal Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing Treatments
  • Learning about the Ten Physical Systems of the body and how the healing works with them
  • Attunement to the  Systemic Pathways Clearing healing energy
  • Practical training                                                                Preparing for a healing session 
  • Consultation procedure                                                     *  Client Follow up procedure     

       *Five week course      * Skype Personal Training sessions        * IICT Approved Certificate on completion
* Course Fee $800.00         * Easy option payment plans available

​                             If you are ready to enrol, download the full form including terms
                              and conditions here.    Must be over 20 years of age.  Thank you !​

 Client Testimonial
Systemic Pathways Clearing via Distant Healing to New Zealand. 
I can not tell you how much the very first session made to my partner. He had a head injury playing football 30 yrs ago and has been on medication ever since for seizures and unable to hold a regular job. He is an engineer by trade but he does lawns and gardens part time. 

After the third session he is a changed person. He is no longer anxious. He remembers things himself and is a much happier person. He is very grateful for such an improvement for his life. 
Christa,  New Zealand  2016

Body Mind Resolution Healing 

Re-establishing the natural state of  self love!

This course is for the experienced healing practitioner who would like to offer their clients a new one of a kind
in-depth healing programme.  This healing technique combines metaphysical and self-empowering mentoring, sacred energy healing plus belief changing and takes personalised healing to an entirely new level. 

This course includes
  • Three levels of Body Mind Resolution Healing
  • Five Modules in total
  • Body Mind Resolution Healing  level one
  • Teenagers Body Mind Resolution Healing
  • Infinite Soul Healing level three
  • Understanding and being attuned to the BMR Healers
  • Soul evolution
  • Chakras, Auras, Energy Systems
  • Esoteric communication
  • Past Life issues
  • DNA healing & Soul Retrieval
  • Soul Time line
  • Inner child healing
  • Merging the Child & the Soul

There is so much more included in this course to list here.  The personalised six session programme is a one of a kind in the world. It changes an individuals life profoundly and positively bringing an inner transformation that reveals the individuals true essence of love, harmony, balance and peace.

* IICT Approved Certificate on completion 
* One year  online course     * Course Fee  $2,997.00     
* Easy option payment plans available 
Download the Course Curriculum , Terms and Conditions on the left.
If you are ready to take the next step, please fill out the  Contact Form requesting
a pre -approval enrollment form.  Applications subject to prerequisites in terms and conditions.
       Must be 30 years of age and over to enrol.  Thank you !​

Client Testimonial

Nantah and her Body Mind Resolution Healing program have dramatically improved my quality of life. I was a little sceptical initially that it would work with me being on the other side of the world, but I'm pleased to report my concerns were unfounded.

Nantah's ability to find and change negative, self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and habits is impressive. I now feel I have the tools and strength to live a more fulfilling and positive life.

I have been so grateful for Nantah for always being there to offer support, guidance and unconditional love. She's a very special person with a very special gift and I don’t hesitate to recommend this program.

​Anna, UK  2015

  • One year course 
  • Prerequisites apply for enrolment
  • Open to Theta Healers, Reiki Masters  & Teachers, Metaphysical Healers
  • Skype personal one -on-one training
  • Revision tests
  • Theory and practical studies
  • The BMR Healing book
  • The Infinite Soul Healing book
  • The BMR Healing Card set of 40
  • The Soul Lesson Wisdom Card set of 44
  • Distant Healing
  • Annual review 
   Client Testimonial
Before my diagnosis of breast cancer, a close girlfriend had said to me that I must see Nantah. I had put it off but now I went to see her and after spending some time with her I  decided that her BMR Healing program was what I needed to support me though my surgery. That certainly turned out to be the case, in quite a wonderful way.

I went each week to Nantah to have my Body Mind Resolution healing session with her. I started before my surgery and completed the program after I had had it. I found I had no fear as I approached my operation, just a peaceful feeling of being totally loved and supported by God and His angels.  I found it hard to believe that I had no fear after all those years of worrying about breast cancer. With Nantah’s Body Mind Resolution healing sessions supporting me I approached all the pre-operation tests and the operation itself without fear. After my operation the doctor told me that I would need no further treatment that the cancer had not spread. I needed no radio therapy, no chemotherapy either and amazingly after the operation I had no pain…at all…I did not even have to take a panadol.

It is six months since my mastectomy…I only took one week off work…since then I have travelled once to Europe and twice to India for work, I am feeling fit and well. My other fears are leaving me one by one…I feel I am getting lighter and lighter.

Thank you Nantah, much love, Laura.  Sydney 2015

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to send me a message. 
Thank you.