Nantah Ensom

 Psychic Medium 
Spiritual Mentor
 Master Healer

Nantah's Spiritual School  

Personal consultations & online courses to suit your lifestyle! 
A Divinely guided and inspired place of learning and healing!

My school is created from my vast spiritual knowledge and experience, and by the 'Creator', via his chosen team who work with me and through me as the highest source of spiritual wisdom, truth, light and love. I offer a selection of specialized personal sessions for guidance, advise or healing. You will find all the details on the Consultations  page. I work Freelance and this provides me the freedom I need to go anywhere.

Essesntial Practises for Light Workers is an international course and is open to everyone! From learning purely for your own personal soul growth and understanding, to achieving your dream and passion to become a professional psychic, medium and/or healer, everything you need to know is right here! 

For those who would like a unique healing modality to add to your resume of practises, I offer my very sacred Body Mind Resolution Healing Programme. Go to my Courses page to discover more. 

I provide you with time honoured wisdom, knowledge and practical instruction taught to me by my spirit team, which will serve you honestly and steadfastly in your quest to become a Light Worker, in whatever capacity you choose.  I am a passionate teacher therefore dedicated and committed to excellence in all areas of being a Light Worker.

My products include my three books and oracle cards. They are created by me with love and will inspire, enlighten and heal you on many levels. Visit my Store page for more details.  

You can download my latest Bi-Monthly Newsletter on my Contact page. 

​​Full Member IICT
 Approved Training Provider 

International Institute for Complementary Therapists Australia

I am a natural medium and my purpose is to bring light, love and teach the way of Spirit to the world for the highest good of all.
My natural ability opened at two years of age when Spirit stepped into my life and became my greatest teachers and supporters I have an authentic connection to the Creator. What I was experiencing with Spirit from that time, built the foundations for my life journey.

Walking in the light has not been easy. I have experienced many life changing tests of initiation for my soul to grow and evolve to be of greater service. I have total belief, faith and trust in Spirit to guide, advise, counsel, protect and love me as well as those who seek my wisdom, knowledge and expertise.

Nantah Ensom
I formally trained under the Spiritualist Church in New Zealand, developing my mediumship abilities. I also found a deep interest in healing and teaching at the same time.

I am qualified in Homeobotanical Therapy, Herbal Essences, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Reiki, Theta Healing, Holistic Pulsing, Mindfulness Meditation for wellbeing and peak performance and personally pioneered Body Mind Resolution Healing® and Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing® both accredited by IICT Australia.

Although I do not practise some of these things now, they have all led me to my true path as a spiritual teacher and medium. I have gained a very deep understanding of Spirit and the quantum physics of healing.

For the past seventeen years I have felt blessed and honoured to teach students entering this field these same essential practises that I offer you now. Many of my students have become professional Light Workers.

I am excited to offer these amazing courses to assist you to establish a wonderful, trustworthy relationship with your Spirit Team. They will support you throughout your life's journey in more ways than you can imagine.

Whether you are starting out or are an already practising Light Worker there is something special for everyone. My Essential Practises for Light Workers Course is created from my 25 years of professional experience and a lifetime or personal experience. My Body Mind Resolution Healing Course is the only one of its kind and is now offered for study.

Spirit and I invite you to learn with us, the truths of the Spirit World to enhance and expand your knowledge and abilities, to support you in sharing the light and love you were born to bring to this world.