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​My mission is to assist people to move forward in life.
To develop personal and professional skills to assist humanity to
embrace unconditional self love. 

How I can help you

Psychic Readings  

I am able to give you insights, choices, new perspectives and solutions to the challenges you are facing in any area of your life, through divine guidance, advice and direction. 

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Mediumship Readings

Through these readings you will receive relief and healing as you are reconnected to a loved one in spirit, which brings reassurance, comfort, closure, clarity and more peace within.

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Nantah's Spiritual School

As a mentor, my passion to facilitate your study and learning in the spiritual arts and healing, shines through in my three one of a kind international online courses available. 

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 My life was changed 5 years ago when I was lucky enough to have her cross my path. Nantah's amazing gifts, knowledge, incredible insights and love hashelped me grow and develop myself as a person,  enabling me to thrive and grow in all the right ways in order for me to deal with my journey.  

The Nantah experience can only be described as life changing. From a place of safety and purity, you are assisted along your learning journey (and lets face it, that's what this life is about) with love and  amazing support.

As each of our journeys are very different, Nantah has the ability to guide you through whatever problem you are facing in the best way possible for you as an individual to learn and grow.

Nantah's ability to see what it is your are meant to
realise or learn, means she is able to guide you accurately through that and help you reach the other side, a more grounded and well balanced person.
Nantah can also teach you to recognise those signs and hints that we are all given to make better choices along our path which, if listened to properly, can guide us productively and safely through our life. 

No better place you can be than in Nantah's hands,  to realise your best potential and happily strive through this journey we call life. God bless, 

Dominique, Sydney Australia
​   2015
  I found my reading with you very, very, powerful and uplifting. I feel the understanding you explained to me of my soul and love history I received has changed the way I see my life and has helped begin to heal an old, but deep wound on my heart. It’s like you turned a light on for me, so I wasn’t in the dark.

You gave me clarity, that made perfect sense, where no one else has ever been able to explain it to me, and it’s been a painful cloud over me for more than 20 years.

I feel so much more at ease now and accepting of what is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pieta, Sydney, Australia 2017
Nantah has reawakened me  to the Angels. She has helped me remember my own abilities that a busy life had forced me to forget.

Her undeniable talent of mediumship and the direct and honest instruction she receives, for her Client, is an amazing, compassionate and loving gift to share.

Nantah's knowledge of angels and the Universal energies has changed my life positively and profoundly.

Susan, Sydney Australia  2016
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